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Smart Reset Yourself

These new Smart Reset Series (SRS) webinars offer you the opportunity to follow short, interactive and practical lessons in working smarter, not harder using your own computer or smartphone / tablet. Two trainers will interactively walk you through a series of solutions to common challenges in your work. The trainers will describe these challenges using the World of Minds Idea Realization Cycle and other concepts in order to simply explain how to tackle these challenges in a broader, interrelated sense. Using specialized software it will be possible to ask questions, vote, see interactions and follow the structure of the webinar in a mind map.

We offer two webinar series, which will be detailed below

Please note: You will not be able to see who the other participants are (and vice versa). 


Improve yourself, your team and your organisation

The welfare of people appears to be the biggest hidden potential for innovation and competativeness of large organizations. Investing in social innovation or “working smarter, not harder” pays off. However, how can you internalize working smarter? A day of training will not be enough.

To let this work we developed, with a large number of customers, a roadmap based on the 70-20-10 philosophy and blended learning. This helps to get from unconsciously incompetent behavior to unconsciously competent behavior. The roadmap below visualizes four elements:

  1. The path the participants take, layer by layer, from individual goals to team goals.
  2. The steps taken by a participant to get from unconscious incompetent to new unconsciously competent behavior.
  3. The building blocks that are realized in these organisations (straregy, structure, culture, people, means and results) to use the roadmap effective.
  4. The services and products that are being offered by Academy of Minds to implement the raodmap successfully.


Click on the development areas which you want to develop yourself in to see how it fits into the roadmap. Hold your mouse-cursos over the different elements to see explenations. Click on training or masterclasses to see what the training and masterclasses have to offer.

Not sure where to start?

Fill in the Analysis Personal Challenges® and you will receive a Personal Roadmap Working Smarter® from one of the trainers within 2-3 working days (see this example in Dutch). We will treat your information confidential. There is also a team version. Please ask your trainer for the link.





Fig. 1 The World of Minds Idea Realization Cycle

No training required

All webinars can be attended without prior education or training. However, to get the most out of the webinars we recommend to join our one day Onboarder Classroom training or our A New Smarter Way of Working (ANSWoW) training program. This will allow you to lay a foundation in working smarter. After – or while – attending the webinars, we recommend you to learn the basics of Mindjet MindManager and the Visual Export add-in. When using this visual mapping software you will be able to apply Whole Brain Thinking principles and become more productive and efficient. One of the reasons for this is that you will be able to re-use once captured information effortlessly in different visual formats and with this be facilitated in applying the learnings from the webinars. See the World of Minds Idea Realization Cycle.


Gain time for reflection and de-stressing

The effect of this integrated approach will be more valuable than implementing just one solution or method. This approach will improve your creativity and decision making and will save you time; up to half a day a week without specialised software and up to one day a week using visual mapping software and add/ins (e.g. MindManager).

You will get the best long term result when the time gained is used for de-stressing and reflection. You can choose from two types of webinars to give yourself a ”Smart Reset”: the four 50 minutes SRS Personal Dashboard (PD) webinars and the seven 30 minutes SRS Lunch Webinars.

Both webinar series are designed to help you to do more of the right things in less time with more results, satisfaction and peace of mind.

The SRS Personal Dashboard webinars


Fig. 2. An example of a Personal Dashboard

These four 50-minute webinars will help you to build your own Personal Dashboard step by step. These webinars are best followed sequentially and are an ideal start to ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’.

Click on the dates to register for the series.

(Please contact us if you wish to receive alternative dates)

Build-up of the four SRS Personal Dashboard webinars:


Webinar 1

In the first webinar of the Smart Reset Series PD webinar the trainers will explain the concept of the Personal Dashboard and will present an overview of the various Time Management elements (including the Eisenhower matrix, the Covey weekly roster, GTD elements and the WoM cycle concept) and how they are interrelated.

Webinar 2

In the second webinar the trainers will explain more techniques and elements of making smarter use of your time (e.g. the Time Flow, the Pomodoro Technique and KISS Focus) and how they can strengthen each other. Tips will be presented on how to make better choices.

Webinar 3

In this third webinar the trainers explain how to start setting up an electronic Personal Dashboard and make Work Breakdown Structures (e.g. the annual work / life planning and the 5W+H for projects, decisions and problem solving). The trainers will explain how they strengthen each other and will give tips how to reduce time looking for information.

Webinar 4

This fourth and last webinar of SRS Personal Dashboard webinars integrates all elements of the previous three webinars while presenting a way of working, ”the Weekly Review”, that helps you to reduce stress, increase overview and focus and lower the discipline and time needed to reach your short and long term goals.

Note: In the SRS webinars you’ll learn concepts and elements to work smarter. In order to learn new habits, repetition and practise is very important. If you wish to practise more and exchange key learnings with all the other participants we suggest attending an Open Coffee Expert Session (OCES). A classroom training and an OCES or a personal coaching session would be a good follow-up to the webinars.

The SRS Lunch Webinars

These SRS Lunch Webinars series are designed to be fast, simple and effective learning blocks of 30 minutes. Academy of Minds has asked a large number of students what challenges they encounter in Working Smarter, Not Harder. Based on the survey results, seven 30-minute webinars have been developed to tackle the most common challenges.

Click on the dates to register for a webinar. (Please contact us if you wish to receive alternative dates)


Structuring information

Learn to deal with the ‘avalanche of information’ by organising the information smarter and quicker and by creating a better overview. Subjects: Mind Mapping, the 5W + H, creating Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), working from roles & goals.

Register for this webinar and receive a registration link when a new date is available

No more distractions and interruptions

Improve your ability to concentrate, prioritise and estimate and execute your activities with less stress and less discipline needed. Subjects: the Pomodoro technique to cope with interruptions and distractions, the Kiss Focus technique and Eisenhower matrix.

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Working with ONE (team) tasklist

Learn to easily manage your tasks from ONE list in such a way that you will reach your short AND long term goals (work and life). Subjects: the Time Flow and using Mindjet Tasks, Wunderlist or the Kanbanflow.

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Stop procrastinating

Together with the trainers and other students you are going to investigate and deal with the causes of procrastination and develop several strategies to tackle them. Based on practical cases and the classic book: The Procrastinator”s Handbook by Rita Emmett.

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Speed read with comprehension

Learn to recognize the causes of slow reading and learn a strategy to read two to three times faster with better understanding within a month. Includes speed reading using your computer.\r\n\r\n

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Increase your Whole Brain Power

Gain insight in how you could strengthen your brain power. Subjects: the concept of Whole Brain Thinking, rebalancing your Brain Bias, Visual Language, Lateral Thinking and Memory Techniques).

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How to work smarter every day

Learn a daily and weekly ritual that will help you to get more control, focus and peace of mind. You will get more done in less time with better results and fun through a clever link between long- and short term goals and your schedule.

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